Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Lab

The Virtova Analytics & Intelligence Lab is a set of services that delivers Analytics & Artificial Intelligence solutions - from ideation, to strategy, to implementation and support. In the current market, finding AI talent can be difficult and expensive. The Intelligence Lab cuts through those challenges for our clients to deliver real world value, quickly and cost-effectively.  We do so by combining Ideation, Strategy & Implementation into a custom service... we call it A3S



Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest technologies in the market today, but simply adding AI to your organization is generally not the full solution. Modern businesses require nuanced, thoughtful and complete ideation to ensure that not only are the right problems being proposed, but that the right questions are being asked.


Once the goals are set, building a cohesive strategy is required. The best analytics or artificial intelligence strategies are integrated into the overall mission and goals of the organization. Utilizing best in class management consulting practices, Virtova builds an analytics and artificial intelligence strategy and aligns your organization's strategy to it, paving the way for rapid implementation.




From micro-service architectures, to big data platforms and automation, Virtova's A3S is designed with cutting edge technologies to create best in class analytics and artificial intelligence systems. Dynamic, powerful, but most of all secure, A3S provides the foundation our customer's need to build on in the future. 


Following are a selection of some of the innovative projects the team at Virtova have executed for their clients.